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Unfortunately due to Health Work and Personal problems the book TUNBRIDGE & TONBRIDGE Collectables has gone on the back burner so to speak however still coming along but at a slower pace.

This is one of two in progress the other Tonbridge Fire Brigade I have put a link below its still far from finished and not proofed or set out 100% but as I have not uploaded anything new for a while I thought I would share it- so excuse the many mistakes.


I felt with the amount of information I had acquired on the Tonbridge Fire Brigade it warranted a book in its own rights     


Request for Images and stories


because the book is in progress there is plenty of room to add both Images and stories please any Tonbridge Familys  with a Tonbridge Fire Brigade descendant have a look through the old photo albums’ I would love to include as much as possible.      


I will update site as much as possible as I am continuingly getting requests for information and what’s already uploaded is just a fraction of the collection.     



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Tonbridge Fire Brigade

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 This site is about a collection of Tonbridge Memorabilia I have collected for over 37 years from Old Bottles to china pictures paintings etc. I house a very large part of the collection at Tonbridge Castle for public display & for local schools to visit and any visitors to our Great Town .

Have you an old bottle just sitting there today something you may have found in the garden or even a old broken clay pipe or anything. 
Please don’t bin it pop it into the Castle for my attention with some details and it will be added to the collection and "New Finds".  
Absolutely anything even if it’s broken I would love to have it for the collection and for reference

Also please check out Tonbridge stories and legends as told in Roberts History Adventures 

Please have a look -Tonbridge Tunbridge and local Bottles always wanted to add to the collection.

Even broken items also required for reference & restoration.
"please dont bin it" i can collect if you cant get here. 

 Many Thanks & Regards Shaun Jeffery 

please send any details and contact me at

All Pictures are Copyright of Shaun Jeffery - Please ask if you wish to use