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The Water Gate


1799 Engraving with Cattle drinking from the river Wise View from the Bridge with the Horse Wash on right 

The New Water Gate – The new entrance to the castle, across what was the old Horse wash was opened to the public on Sunday 7th July 1901 without any ceremony whatever. The walls and pillars are rough- dressed local sandstone laid in its natural bed and on the tops of each of the pillars supporting the gates will be placed a handsome gas lamp. The fence along by the river is of the same pattern as the great bridge. The gates themselves are of hammered iron with the town’s arms in the centre of each in gun metal.

On the north wall is a panel inscribed “Tonbridge Urban District Council Under this the arms of the town with the motto
"Salus Populi Suprema Lex"(the health of the people
is supreme law) then follows the inscription this historic castle was acquired in
commemoration of the happy reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria and the grounds were opened by the Arthur Philip Stanhope lo
rd lieutenant of Kent 23 May 1900 for the use of the public forever.

Members of the council Present


W.Baldwin J.P ( Chairman)
R. W Annison
A. Barnes
L.J. Breeze


 G. Dadson
F.E.East CC
A. J. Gower


Admiral Pattisson
I. Race
Dr Watts
A.H.Neve (Clerk)

 W.L.Bradley (engineer)

G. Hobbs (Road surveyor)
                                                                                                      Arthur Philip Stanhope lord lieutenant of Kent


The old water gate giving access to the stage where Messrs Norton Bros

Keep there boats has been much improved.


Design:   Mr W L Bradley, CE
Built By : Mr K G Jarvis Builder and Contractor