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Tonbridge First Bank
With the town growing and becoming more popular and with more shops and industries the town grew wealthier and there was need for a bank so people could lend money and save money. The very first bank was founded by three local men who were very important in the town in 1792, which were Mr Children, Woodgate and Scoones. Their bank only ran for twenty years, almost straight away another bank opened Mercer and Barlow in 1813

Above this is a very very rare five pound note from mercer and Barlow in 1813 this bank failed within three years. Next it was a man called Mr Thomas Beeching who came to the town as a draper in 1789 he decided to open his own bank about 1815.

Mr Beeching was the only banker in the town until the London and County bank opened its doors in 1836. Both these men carried on banking in the town until 1906 when Beeching bank was joined with Lloyds Bank ltd

This is a picture of the London and County bank and if you look very carefully you can see above the doors the words saying London and County bank.

It is now Bailey and Cogger solicitors, you can see it if you look on the left hand side and it is just before the Rose and Crown.